Balloon Guide

For everything you need to know about Hydie Balloons (see what we did there?!)

Delivery & the elements of Mother Nature...

Balloons can be very sensitive to the moods of Mother Nature so to be sure you receive the best service, here are some things we need you to know...

If our team believes it to be unsafe for your balloons to be delivered due to weather conditions, your balloons will be postponed until the next safe and available delivery time for that day.

Balloons WILL NOT be left if the recipient is not home. Please be sure your recipient will be available to receive their delivery. If for some reason they are not home as planned, your order will be returned to the store for pick up or a re-delivery if available. A re-delivery charge will apply.

Fabulous & Floaty...

All of our Balloons are filled with Helium. DO NOT INHALE.

All of our balloon bunches are made up of Foil and Latex Balloons. All our latex balloons include Hi-Float (a super charged liquid designed to make them last as long as possible).

Latex balloons have a shorter life span than foil and can last anywhere from half a day to 2 days depending on the conditions they are kept in. Avoid extreme conditions eg: direct sunlight, heater vents, air-conditioning vents or wind. This will help your balloons last as long as possible.

 Ok, Fab! Take me back to those bouncy balloons!