Linen Eye Pillow

Linen Eye Pillow

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A perfectly weighted, soothing eye mask for 5 minutes of shut-eye & relaxation. For use during yoga, massage, meditation, to darken a room for rest, to soothe a headache.

Made with: Flax linen textile with Australian grown wheat, scented with chamomile + lavender (Frill Design) or chamomile + Citrus (Ric Rac Design)

Measures: 22 x 9cm

To use: place over eyes and breathe deeply...and for a nifty headache treatment, cool down in your freezer inside a plastic bag, or warm in microwave.

Important: DO NOT overheat, just warm in 10 second intervals to avoid scorching. Spot clean only, do not immerse in water.

22 x 9cm, 200g