You Are Something Spectacular
You Are Something Spectacular

You Are Something Spectacular

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“Sometimes, I wonder, how did the forces of this universe align so completely, so perfectly, to create someone like you?”

Recognise an extraordinary person in your life with this thoughtful fill-in-the-blank friendship gift book that’s ready for your biggest compliments.

Tell your friend how you really feel — what you were thinking when you first met, all the things they do that impress you, and everything you know they’re capable of.

With easy-to-complete pages full of warmth and wit, you can cut to the heart of what makes them spectacular — and spectacularly important to you!

The book’s sweet and playful prompts are easy to complete and include:

Like a bright and brilliant sun, you just radiate _____________.

When I look at you, I think, “Dang, __________________.” …because you’ve got a power that could set the world alight.